A new look, a new set of buttons! Both of these new logos were created by creative_fx1 on Fiverr.com, but are owned by me. The polka-dot background on the one button design and my header image was created by me.

300x150 Designs

200x100 Design

250x200 Design

250x250 Design

125x125 Design

100x100 Design

All 3 logo designs you see below were made for me by mathman1 of Fiverr.com. The rest of the button design was completed by yours truly, and they come in a variety of sizes. Post in the comments if you'd like to request another size.

200x100 Design 1

300x150 Design 1

300x150 Design 2

250x200 Design 1

250x200 Design 2

250x200 Design 3

250x250 Design 1

250x250 Design 2

These buttons below are also rather gorgeous, and were made for me by my good friend and roleplay partner Chandler, aka @zonaxrawr. Feel free to add any of these buttons to your own blogs!

150x180 Black

150x180 White

200x100 Black
200x100 White

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